You’re Living in the Past–It’s a New Generation

So I was having a conversation on Friday with a neighbor about Miley Cyrus because I didn’t get what the big deal about her performance on some music awards show was. I STILL don’t get it.  I mean, I get that she apparently, at one point, was some “sweet wholesome kiddie-show star” and now…well, she’s […]

What the Hell Are You Ashamed Of?

“Curlers in your hair…Shame on you!” – Some old commercial, for some product I don’t even remember. So I keep reading a LOT about “slut shaming.” Maybe I wouldn’t, if I stayed off Reddit or Facebook, but it seems like this some kind of “big thing” and I’m supposed to vehemently against it because omigodfeministrapecultureyempowermentaddayaddayadda. […]