You’re Living in the Past–It’s a New Generation

So I was having a conversation on Friday with a neighbor about Miley Cyrus because I didn’t get what the big deal about her performance on some music awards show was. I STILL don’t get it.  I mean, I get that she apparently, at one point, was some “sweet wholesome kiddie-show star” and now…well, she’s […]

What the Hell Are You Ashamed Of?

“Curlers in your hair…Shame on you!” – Some old commercial, for some product I don’t even remember. So I keep reading a LOT about “slut shaming.” Maybe I wouldn’t, if I stayed off Reddit or Facebook, but it seems like this some kind of “big thing” and I’m supposed to vehemently against it because omigodfeministrapecultureyempowermentaddayaddayadda. […]

Happy Birthday.

On a very cold Iowa winter day about thirteen years ago, two new clients were admitted to the rehab facility where I worked. Two beautiful teenaged girls, both from rural Iowa, both very good kids, both severely brain injured from weather related car accidents. The girls were housed in side by side rooms in the […]